Strong Interest Inventory™

Strong Interest Inventory™

Leaving academia and wondering what else you can do? What  types of employment will you find interesting and rewarding? When you have spent years focused on an academic career path, it can be daunting to figure out what else might interest you.  Lilli Research Group founder Maren Wood has been certified to deliver the Strong Interest Inventory.™ Used by colleges, universities, and human resource management companies all over the world, the Strong Interest Inventory™  can help you identify your interests and corresponding career paths.  It’s a great tool to help kick-start your job search.

What is included?
A complete Strong Interest Inventory report, a 2-3 page write-up and analysis of your results, and 60 minute phone/skype conversations with Dr. Wood to discuss your results and develop a plan of action.  The cost of the inventory and all materials is included in our price.

Cost: $165 US

For more information, fill out the form below.  In the comment section, please tell us a little about your academic background.  We will contact you by email to discuss the process.  After you have made your online payment, we will arrange for you to take the inventory by sending you a link to the Strong Interest Inventory site and provide you with a code.

Our policy is no refunds