Job Search Course

Bootcamp for the Post-Academic Job Seeker

A Course for PhD and Graduate Students in Career Transition

This is a five unit, self-paced course, designed specifically for graduate students and PhDs interested in careers beyond the professoriate. In addition to online videos and worksheets, you and I will work together in one-to-one coaching session to identify career options that are right for you, and to create actionable steps to help you find job opportunities.












What clients are saying …

Maren rocks. Her bootcamp was exactly what I needed as a conflicted ABD. My “before” picture looks like a frustrated person with shapeless plans and tons of regret, wearing an oversized t-shirt stained with chocolate and tears. Maren (a) really listened, empathized, and made me laugh every session; (b) showed me how to translate all those years of PhD work into business-world skills and job search documents; (c) helped me get clarity on my big-picture goals and next steps. As a money-conscious grad student, I initially tried to do this work myself, but I can’t emphasize enough how much it helped to have Maren in my corner during this transition out of academia—SO worth the investment. I’ve now got a job (!) and am heading into this next phase of my career with a healthier narrative of where I’ve been and where I’m going. I’d hire Maren again in a heartbeat.  – Katie

“I was nervous at first to reach out and work with Maren because I was admitting to myself that the TT career wasn’t something I wanted. After successfully receiving postdoc and TT offers, I did what I should have done two years earlier and hired Maren. What surprised me most was how empowering and fun it is to repackage yourself as a PhD outside of academia. It’s worth the hard work you’ll put in with Maren because you’ll gain an advocate, colleague, and friend! I’d do the bootcamp all over again and plan to take refreshers, she’s amazing. If you feel dissatisfied or stuck in the TT career I urge you to consider working with Maren because regardless of your eventual decision to stay or go, it’ll be an empowered and informed one.” – Yanoula

“Meeting Maren at the AHA’s last year was a game-changer for me! I knew I wanted out of academia after years on the job market and as I neared the end of my post-doc, but wasn’t sure how to proceed. Working with Maren helped me figure out what I was interested in and and made me realize how valuable my academic skills are outside of the university setting. I learned how to speak the language of the ‘alt-ac’ world, network effectively and market myself. On my second informational interview my skill-set sparked the interest of a contact and after a few months of back and forth (and a monumental exercise in patience), I got a job offer. None of this would have been possible without Maren’s guidance. She knows what she’s doing and is a fantastic person! I definitely recommend Bootcamp to any Ph.D considering making a career transition. ” – Nandini

“I highly recommend Maren Wood as a professional development coach for recent PhD’s, like me, who need help navigating the job world outside of the ivory tower–or inside the tower. I feel that”Boot Camp for Post-Academic Job Seekers” gave me a great set of strategies for going forward with my job search.” – Amy

“About a year before finishing my PhD program, I began to have doubts about my prospects in academia. I enjoyed teaching and researching, but I was in shock about how much competition there was to get jobs in academia that paid so little, even in locations that were far from any urban areas. When I talked with career counselors at my university about transitioning into something different, they didn’t have much good advice. For a while I felt that I was stuck and that there was no easy path out of academia. I stumbled upon Maren’s site. Working with Maren was a delight.She helped me discover skills and experience that I was not aware that I had. She helped show me the ropes of how to communicate more effectively with people and market my abilities. Just a couple of weeks after I finished bootcamp, I landed a job. It paid me a starting salary much better than what I would have gotten in academia, and it was still a job that would employ many of the skills that I had developed through my PhD program.” – Brad

“Maren has been an exceptional help to me during the sometimes difficult transition from academia to other professional realms. She provides calm, clear, and reassuring guidance; creates tangible goals and timelines; and lends a realistic perspective to this weird journey. I highly recommend her services.” – Trina