Dissertation Coaching

Work with Maren to help you complete your dissertation! Available for humanities and (some) social science* graduate students at the dissertation writing stage. I can help you:

  • Identify why you’re stuck (procrastination in a symptom, not the cause!)
  • Break down the writing process into manageable pieces
  • Create manageable daily, weekly, and monthly goals
  • Organize your chapters and dissertation so they are logical and flow smoothly
  • Make strategic choices in the writing process
  • Help you be accountable for completing your work on time

What I won’t do is:

  • Write your dissertation for you (I wrote one, that was enough!)
  • Copy edit or proof read your work (not an editing service)
  • Conduct research or provide research support

Sign up for a free a 30 minute consultation. We’ll discuss where your topic and where you are in the writing process. We can then create a plan to help you achieve your goal of completing your dissertation.

*In our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your topic.  I need to be able to understand your topic and your research approach/methodology to be able to be an effective coach.

Cost: $400 for 3 hrs.  (Combining reading/commenting on work and one-to-one coaching calls).