Who Lands Tenure Track Jobs?

From 2014 through 2015, I worked on a project funded by the Chronicle of Higher Education to study who lands tenure track jobs.

The study looked at all tenure track jobs posted for 2013-2014 in North America at four year institutions in 11 academic disciplines:  Anthropology, Communications & Media Studies, Economics, Ecology, English Literature/Comp Rhet, History, Mathematics, Musicology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies.

The findings from the data challenge much of the assumed “wisdom” about the academic job market in the humanities and social sciences.  Did you know that most jobs in the humanities and social sciences actually go to those who have had their degree in hand for 2 years or less? In fact, the largest cohort hired were ABDs – graduate students in their final year.

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– L. Maren Wood, PhD
Certified Career Coach
Founder of Lilli Research Group