Lilli Research Group specializes in helping PhDs prepare for careers beyond the professoriate.  We conduct research on the academic and non-academic job markets, the history of the job market crisis, and best practices for how PhDs successfully make career transitions.  Based on our research, we provide career coaching to individual PhD job seekers.  We want to help you explore your #post-academic career options.

Checkout this free webinar Maren did with Jennifer Polk on Going Beyond the Professoriate.

Boot Camp for the Post-Academic Job Seeker

This five part course will teach you the skills you need to find a nonfaculty career. Explore your career options, identify transferable skills, build an online presence, and more.  NEW: On September 15th, we’ll introduce Boot Camp Basic and Boot Camp Advanced, combining online vidoes and one-to-one coaching to provide you with the same unique content but at a reduced cost to you.

Dissertation Writing Coaching
Struggling to complete your dissertation?  Maren can help you strategize on how to complete your dissertation and obtain your goal of earning the PhD.  She’ll help you identify why you’re stuck (procrastination is a symptom, not a cause!), help you break down the dissertation process into manageable pieces, set a time line, and be accountable.

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On-Campus Workshops
Founder and Lead Researcher Maren Wood is happy to come to your campus.  She can speak to your graduate students about the academic and non-academic labor markets and how to prepare for their job search. She has also conducted workshops with faculty on how to prepare students for an academic and non-academic job search. Contact us to invite Maren to your campus.  In June 2016, Maren did a free webinar for vitae.

Beyond the Professoriate
We’re a founding partner of Beyond the Professoriate, an annual online (virtual) conference for graduate students and recent PhDs interested in non-faculty careers.

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