Lilli Research Group provides career coaching to individual PhD job seekers. We want every PhD student to understand they have choices – that being an adjunct is not the only option for a PhD who did not land a tenure track job.  We want to help you explore your #post-academic career options.

We also provide services to departments and graduate schools: creating detailed placement studies of PhD alumni, conducting best practice studies and policy papers, and running workshops for students and faculty. Learn more about our services for Institutions and Organizations.

Bootcamp for the Post-Academic Job Seeker
This five week course will teach you the skills you need to find a nonfaculty career. Explore your career options, identify transferable skills, build an online presence, and more. Sign up today.

Tips for the Job Seeker (NEW!)
Have a question about the your post-academic job search? Submit it to our “Dear Abby” style blog and we’ll do our best to answer it.

On-Campus Workshops
Founder and Lead Researcher Maren Wood is happy to come to your campus.  She can speak to your graduate students about the academic and non-academic labor markets and how to prepare for their job search.  She has also conducted workshops with faculty on how to prepare students for an academic and non-academic job search. Contact us to invite Maren to your campus.

Beyond the Professoriate

We’re a founding partner of Beyond the Professoriate, an annual online (virtual) conference for graduate students and recent PhDs interested in non-faculty careers.  Our next conference will be held May 7 & 14, 2016.

JobTracker Tool (Vitae)
Maren Wood is the lead researcher on the Chronicle of Higher Education/Vitae new tool JobTracker, a study of the academic labor market for 11 disciplines.  Head on over to the JobTracker tool for more information.