We are an educational consulting company that works with departments, graduate schools, and professional organizations, to prepare graduate students for the job market.  Through surveys, career outcomes studies, best practices case studies, we can help your department or graduate school meet the challenges of graduate education in the 21st century.  Learn more about our services for organizations and institutions.We recognize that in today’s tough academic market, many talented graduates are forging new and exciting career paths outside the ivory tower. We now offer services for individual job seekers. These services help graduate students and recent PhDs explore career options and acquire the skill set needed to find meaningful employment beyond the professorship.  Learn more about our services for individuals.

Leaving Academia

Bootcamp for Post-Academic Job seekers

This four week live online course helps Grad Students and PhDs explore career options, learn networking tips, identify transferable skills, create a resume, and learn other job search techniques. Sign up today!

Lilli Research Group was founded in 2012 by L. Maren Wood, PhD